Sakshi Malik at Rio and Indian Performance

Sakshi Malik at Rio and Indian Performance

Sakshi Malik at Rio and Indian Performance

When Sakshi was behind (5 – 0) in points against Kyrgyzstan wrestler, like every Indian, I had lost hope too. Game was in final minutes. But all of a sudden Sakshi showed her class and literally attacked like a tigress on her opponent. She was simply unstoppable.


Rio Olympic has proved a very tough one for us but many good outcomes we are seeing. We saw very close calls inboxing, badminton, tennis, shooting and gymnastics. Our sportspersons tried their best. These efforts will take us to another level next time.


So we should not lose our heart. But yes we need to change our attitude towards sports. We need to develop a sports culture in our country. Result will start coming after this automatically.


It is not only Govt’s responsibility to promote sports in the country, it’s our social responsibility too to encourage our kids for sports. We need to bring sports environment in our society so that our kids can take sports as their career. “Padhoge Likhoge Hoge Nawab…Kheloge Koodoge Hoge Kharab“ culture should go from our country.

Cricket sport is much hyped in our country. Now it’s a perfect time to have more sport heroes from other sports like Wrestling, Shooting, Gymnastics, Badminton, Hockey, Chess, Tennis, Boxing and other games. We have shown many good performances in these games as well.

It’s our collective responsibility to give all facilities to our sports persons to compete with their international opponents. Give them good training centers, good coaches and financial security.

I don’t see any reason why we cannot perform better in other games. We have world class athletes who can perform for our country in any world sports event.

Next Olympic is after 4 years in Tokyo. We have ample time. We should start our efforts now. Result we will see for sure in 2020.