Singapore: A must Visit Place in Asia

Singapore: A must Visit Place in Asia

Singapore: A must Visit Place in Asia

I love Singapore because people there are very nice. You will find the local food very nice. Everything is green and very clean. Local people keep the streets clean. You will find very safe to walk down anywhere. I should not hesitate to accept the fact that Singapore is much cleaner than Delhi. We need to learn many things from this small country.


What do you think of when you think of Singapore?

Singapore is considered as a major transport hub. The Changi Airport connects the west to the rest of Asia, as well as Australasia – and vice versa, with 54.1 million passengers passing through the airport each year. And this airport has been awarded many times for its customer friendly services.

First when I decided to visit Singapore, I had thought to see, taste and immerse myself in Singaporean culture. And O boy, it had been proved a correct decision to explore Singapore and all its delights.

flowerSand-witched between Malaysia and Indonesia, Singapore is an independent state since 1965. To be honest its a relatively ‘new’ place terms of being a modern city but it retains its rich cultural history. It resembles in its world renowned famous hospitality. You will find a fusion in local cuisine. Singapore cuisine is mix of Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Japanese and Indian cuisine.

I will highly recommend Singapore to foodies. Buddies! this is one place you must visit.


Fly in

My flight got into Singapore at around 4:00pm. Temperature was 28C. Our Air conditioned Taxi to our hotel was quick.

I had booked my room at the Shangri-La Hotel on Orange Grove Road, a five-star hotel. I must say they have unmatched service. It has a good space and beautiful gardens.The vast, astonishing, magnificent marble lobby was filled with huge displays of fresh flowers. Old school charm was at its finest.

At gate they presented me with dendrobium orchids. It is considered very pious in Singapore.


Lets Eat       

FoodAs I am a complete foodie, I decided to start my travel experience from traditional street food in Singapore’s hawker centres.

No doubt visiting Singapore’s hawker center was one of the most enjoyable parts of my travel to Singapore.

You will find all kinds of stalls for traditional India, Malay, Indonesian, Chinese and Thai cuisines.

Food is quite cheep. A meal will cost you just 2 to 5 $.


yong-siak-streetTRAVEL TIME

Go for a guided tour of Singapore. You will like it. We were guided to the trendy Yong Siak Street, which is known as hipster Singapore.

We walked on the street’s trendy bookshops, including Books Actually, and coffee shops.

Then we headed to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple near Chinatown.

The magnificent Chinese Buddhist temple is open to the public, and is a fascinating and beautiful place, reminding us just how close to China Singapore is.

And if it’s shopping if you love, head to Bugis Village – a flea market made up of hundreds of different stalls selling everything you could imagine, from jewellery to clothes, but be ready for bargain. Shop till you drop


lionAmusement at Sentosa

You should definitely like Sentosa Island. Sentosa Island with its Underwater World, Dolphin Lagoon, Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom, Palawan Beach, Songs of the Sea Laser-Musical Show, and so on rate as great places to visit with family. The Universal Studios Singapore, on the island, is the second theme park of Universal Studios to be opened in all of Asia.


Go On a Cruise

Enjoy the Singapore river on a beautiful evening cruise at sundown. As you go on this cruise, you can have an enchanted time as you view the skyline of the city, bridges, and its heritage buildings.


thumbuakar-performanceNight Safari

Don’t miss out on Singapore’s famous Night Safari! It happens to be a zoo that is open only at nights. This nocturnal attraction has 120 different species, with around thirty percent of it being in the endangered list. This zoo sees a whopping 1.1 million visitors every year on safaris.



jurong-birdpark_Bird Watching

You should visit the biggest bird park in all of the Asia Pacific region with over 8,000 birds! Welcome to the Jurong Bird Park. It is an award winning park. It has also the tallest artificial waterfall in the world, that is more than 30 meters.




I hope all info shared by me on Singapore will help you to understand this beautiful country. You should go once at least as it deserves your attention. Believe me. It is an exceptional tourist destination.

Happy traveling…Cya!!