Top 7 Facts of Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Top 7 Facts of Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Top 7 Facts of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sugarloaf Mountain_of_rioRio de Janeiro, Brazil

I had an amazing time 3 years back in Rio. I will share with you my experience there as now I have got time to write something about my all travel trips. Olympic has started in Rio, Brazil. And it freshens the memory of my trip to this fantastic place, Rio. I would like to share with you top 7 things I experienced during my trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.




1. You cannot ignore the majestic Premium Onibus, plying on road in Rio.You can ride it from Centro Rio to the airport and you should try it. You will find many airport routes and pick up centers in Centro, Copacabana and Barra de Tijuca. It’s damn cheap.It is an air conditioned coach bus. Taking a taxi in Rio is quite expensive. So try Premium Onibus.
2. Getting a Sim card is a big concern for any tourist in a new country. Acquiring a SIM card in Brazil is easy. You may purchase SIM cards from the following popular Brazilian cellular vendors – TIM, Oi, Claro and Vivo. TIM and Oi seem to be the easiest to activate over the phone. Recharging the SIM card is very easy and you can take it to any kiosk or supermarket to have your prepaid SIM recharged . They are cheap ($ 5) and you get a local Brazilian phone number with unlimited free incoming calls. You will however need to produce your passport and local address will be your hotel.


rio_brazil_beachRio @ Night

3. Food is a bit expensive in Brazil. If you’re only eating street food you can save money. But good news is that you will find many Kilo restaurants. I simply loved having a Kilo lunch because it gives you liberty to choose whatever you want from the buffet and you can pay by the Kilo. In buffet you have plenty of options of all types of seafood, meats, salads and local Brazilian recipes. You will find best Kilo restaurants in Centro and Zona Sul. Some very crowded Kilo restaurants I saw in Centro near Cinelandia metro station. You will find them affordable.


4. Since Rio de Janeiro is a tropical city, it can often rain there with thunderstorms. So be ready for rains. Sky will be cloudy and humid if it is not raining. Rio de Janeiro is famous for its beach and tourist sights.



5. If you are traveling abroad you should not avoid your basic safety measures. If you need to use ATM in GIG airport, be extra careful. I know one of my friends who recently got their ATM card skimmed at GIG airport.The scammers try to see your PIN key movements and card numbers with the help of a camera. It has been reported that as they obtain your card number and PIN, they clone your card before taking money from your account.

6. Sugarloaf Mountain has amazing views of Rio. This is going to be one of the highlights of your trip to Rio de Janeiro. Ride cable car up to Sugarloaf Mountain. You will find it a bit expensive ( $ 35 ) but it is worth it. Avoid cloudy or rainy weather so you can see the amazing views of Rio de Janeiro.



Cable @ Rio

7. Everything halts out on the weekends as Saturdays and Sundays are pretty much dead zones in Centro and most of Zona Sul (Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon). Many shops you will find closed because these two days are rest days for the local people. However you will find most restaurants open. So don’t let your tour mood dampen, you have so many things yet to explore in Rio.


      Happy Traveling!!!